Creation is fun

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (5).pngI started to count and when I got to over 100 events I’ve created or assisted to create in the last 3 years for several different facilitators and myself I let it go.
I don’t need numbers to know I’m a creator. 🙂
So much I have learnt about this, about seting up classes mine and for others, and about being a host. About everything that is required of you in awareness and in action to come up with event that is a succes.
Took less than 3 years to get where I’m now, doing what I love to do, connecting with so many amazing beings and creating a life I never knew I could have.
Many things I have chosen I would do differently now. I have made some pretty interesting choices.
But hey, choice creates awareness…
I’ve learnt so much, gained plenty of experience and I’m so ready to share what I know!
What I know about hosting, what I know about creating in general and creating classes in particular – your own or for others.
Yes, I’m preparing my first ever call on this – yeay!
At first I’ll do a Dutch round as I see many people struggling with setting up their classes here in the Netherlands and what else is possible?!
This will be fun!
What do you desire to create and where can I be a contribution in your process?

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