Going crazy now?

“Who knows where he’s hanging out and with whom.”
“Who knows who he’s talking to right now.”
“Who knows how many women he’ll see this week.”

What is this nonsense?
Why am I even having these thoughts?
Why do I …

Investment in consciousness

During one of the programs I recently facilitated online, this question came up:

“How can I be grateful for people who have hurt me in my life?”
And the participant herself added:
“Is it by acknowledging my own power and … Read more...


No doubt you have encountered something similar before.

One of the most painful things for a humanoid is when someone you care about or love turns their back on you.

Regret, feelings of guilt, thoughts about what actually happened, trying … Read more...

Like a horse

“You are laughing like a horse.”
“Stop crying right now or I’ll give you a reason to cry.”

I was not supposed to laugh and I sure shouldn’t cry.

It’s strange that it didn’t start to dawn on me until … Read more...

Victims are violent people

“Victims are violent people.”
Byron Katie

Dealing with victims can be rather challenging, unless you function from awareness.
Then it can be pretty funny.

Have you ever had somebody in your life who no matter what you offer them always … Read more...

Comfort or Ease

Yesterday I was looking at how progress hardly ever comes in the straight line… it’s often 20 steps ahead, 4 back, 3 ahead, 1 back, 7 ahead, 2 back, 12 ahead… the point is, it might not always be comfortable, … Read more...

Change of environment

Recently I was telling a friend how many, many years ago I first created a vacation abroad. It’s not that we didn’t fly abroad before, but many years ago, the abroad was the Czech Republic and I was returning home … Read more...

Light of consciousness

At this time of the year when dawn comes so late in the morning and it gets dark so early, many of us realize how important light is to our lives and how much our bodies appreciate the light and … Read more...


My body has a very fine-tuned bullshitmeter.

A bullshitmeter is a device that starts off when you hear any kind of bullshit. Well, mine is very sensitive.

Maybe you have heard in the Foundation class, if you have taken one, … Read more...

Fun to find out

Copy of Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-8.pngHow I got to know Daniel (my husband) trusted what I do and create…

6 months ago Daniel ordered a brand new I-phone. He had to go to pick it up to Haarlem and as it happened when he came … Read more...