Going crazy now?

“Who knows where he’s hanging out and with whom.”
“Who knows who he’s talking to right now.”
“Who knows how many women he’ll see this week.”

What is this nonsense?
Why am I even having these thoughts?
Why do I even care who he sees or dates and what he’s doing?

Sure, he’s interesting, sure, we understand each other and I enjoy our conversations…

He’s a great friend, a charismatic, talented man and I’m glad he’s a part of my life, but that’s it.

Being jealous of him, though is not something that makes sense.
After all, I was never jealous or suspicious of my own husband or the boys I dated before, so why now?

And the head spins further…
The intensity of thoughts that defy logic.

This is not normal.

And then it occurred to me to take a look at it with someone who looks at things totally pragmatically, with someone who is not prone to bullshit, with someone with whom I probably shouldn’t discuss such matters at all – my own husband.

I don’t understand what’s going on in my head, can you, please, have a look at it with me?

No, Daniel doesn’t do much Access, but there are things he’s willing to have clarity in.

And that’s clearly what right then I needed.

Before I could explain what was actually going on in detail, I became very clearly aware of the presence of another energy in the room.

She was sitting there.
Like every time when somebody speaks about them.
The entity whose thoughts drove me insane.

And she listened.

The entity that was probably claiming my friend for many lifetimes, causing discomfort not only to herself and him, but also for women who’d approached him.

Suddenly everything was clear.
I am not crazy. Phew.

I learnt a lot with this example of how extreme communication with disembodied beings and their awareness can be.

It contributed to a lot of sessions and trainings that I have facilitated since then.

And it helped my friend too.

When I asked if it made sense to him, he knew.

I cleared the entity as she was ready to go and before long he has found a relationship in which he is at ease and happy after many years.

When he shared this with me, there was not an bit of jealousy or weirdness in my universe.
On the contrary, there was gratitude, for the awareness that made it possible and for the tools that will contribute to any of us if we choose to use them.

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