job_lovefr-10-2Interesting and elaborate lies being spread around about me.
Not that this is the first time or the last…

If you come across something that doesn’t match my energy as you know it, please, just ask me.
You know I’m very open to answer ANY and ALL your questions.

Meanwhile receiving it as it comes.
As they say:
If you are not ready to be talked about, you aren’t ready for succes 😉

What if nothing others through at you could ever effect you a tiny bit?
Can you imagine the freedom?

Also always remember:
The judgments others have of you tell everything about who they are, little to none about you or as Gary Douglas says – others only accuse you of what they themselves are doing.

Great to know that what could keep me busy for days and probably weeks just a few years ago slides right of me.
When it doesn’t stick, it just doesn’t stick I guess 🙂

Nice try though, Humphry, please keep trying while I’m busy creating empires.

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