What gift are you?

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-coversAs a daughter of an architect and a civil engineer myself I often look at houses, streets, design of cities..
Today morning the skyline of one of the new streets of Amsterdam caught my eye as me and my colleague … Read more...

Passion or pleasure?

www.accessivana.com.pngYou have to find your passion!
Do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

We all know that one, right?

Yesterday I had a chat with this sweet, beautiful, talented, smart and wonderful participant of one of my



copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-6Yesterday morning a friend of mine took me to the beach. One of many upsides of being an entrepreneur is you can organize your time anyway you please.

Following some interesting encounters, I’ve been through lately my body was asking … Read more...

Creation is fun

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (5).pngI started to count and when I got to over 100 events I’ve created or assisted to create in the last 3 years for several different facilitators and myself I let it go.
I don’t need numbers to know I’m

On competition

Copy of bars & body covers (3).pngInspired by my brilliant French colleaque  Annabelle Perceval

On Competition:


How much are we convinced of our smallness?

How much are we unwilling to receive our greatness?

How much are we disbelieving we are unique?


So much so …

Classy or messy?


Time to say it as it is:

One of the many reasons me and Kalpana can get along so well is: She sees me.
She not only sees me, she acknowledges me.
She not only acknowledges me with sweet words … Read more...

Sugar, honey, honey…

Copy of bars & body covers (3).pngWhat I became increasingly aware of last couple of months: There are people who claim to really want to change but won’t allow themselves to receive from anybody who actually could facilitate them to choose what they claim to be … Read more...

Family Ease

Copy of bars & body covers-3.pngJust booked a hotel for our next holidays in October.
Flights arranged.
Love how we are committed to having things work for us.

Who knew so much Ease was even possible?
So much has changed in the way we as … Read more...