Speed of SPACE…

bars & body covers-18Today I’m grateful for the SPEED and ease with which I’m willing and able to create.

I was always judged for being too fast, it seemed impossible to others that I already had finished the task, it seemed unreal and … Read more...

Universe has my back

bars & body covers-17 (2).pngI just realized in the last few years whenever there were people trying to use me, my talents, my abilities, my knowledge to their advantage without acknowledging me they ended up bruised without me having to do a thing.

And …

Playing like a kid

13Have you ever looked at small children when they are playing?
Have you noticed that they do not think about where their play is going?

What if that would be possible for you again?!
What if all you need …


job_lovefr-10-2Interesting and elaborate lies being spread around about me.
Not that this is the first time or the last…

If you come across something that doesn’t match my energy as you know it, please, just ask me.
You know I’m …

Creation is fun

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (5).pngI started to count and when I got to over 100 events I’ve created or assisted to create in the last 3 years for several different facilitators and myself I let it go.
I don’t need numbers to know I’m

Generosity of Spirit

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-2You see, this quote is one of my very, very favorites…

Generosity of Spirit, I love the awareness those words give me and I know I know something about this.
The whole team I happen to be part of knows


On competition

Copy of bars & body covers (3).pngInspired by my brilliant French colleaque  Annabelle Perceval

On Competition:


How much are we convinced of our smallness?

How much are we unwilling to receive our greatness?

How much are we disbelieving we are unique?


So much so …

Classy or messy?


Time to say it as it is:

One of the many reasons me and Kalpana can get along so well is: She sees me.
She not only sees me, she acknowledges me.
She not only acknowledges me with sweet words … Read more...

New spaces

18.png“What are you that has never existed before?”


This question from Dr.Dain Heer made me stop scrolling the other day.

As I got the energy of what it was that I was that has never existed before suddenly there … Read more...

Selling JOY

Copy of bars & body covers.pngWhat I have experienced while working with others in the past was creation to many people equals hard work, figuring stuff out and trying to anticipate what can be sold.


It got me puzzled every time to witness where … Read more...

Creating what you desire?

posts bars-2.pngAmazing to observe how the energy changed from the first time we started with the CREA evenings.
Getting closer to what we really desire and who we really are with each collage, with each drawing.
Where I first used to

Love your haters

Copy of bars & body covers-2.pngHow often people who can’t stand you
are actually aware of how great you are
and have decided they will never be as successful as you?

May they actually be willing to get closer,
get their armor out of the …

Creative SPACE

5 (2).pngWhile cleaning up a drawer I found some of my old sketches and a painting, some of them 30 years old. And imagine my surprise in the drawer just above I came across the reports of the Czech Art School … Read more...