You can either be right or be free.

Sometimes words just come and want to be written, keep coming back and then you know, they are here to contribute to somebody and so you let them.

„Awareness is just awareness. It’s not a rightness.”

This I’ve heard in the class I took recently and I have heard it many, many times before.

Sometimes we are so stubborn keeping fixed points of view, holding onto them as if our life depended on it, even though all they do is just limit us.
Sometimes even fighting for or about them with or without words…

What has fight ever solved?
Who did ever get better by fighting?

What well might originated from awareness gets pretty yucky once we are willing to loose our peace and space for it.
Once it costs us our friends.

And then this question I heard a long, long time ago from Gary Douglas always comes to mind:

Would you rather be right or be free?

What if there is a possibility beyond the one that mind provides?
What if space and peace can only be achieved beyond mind and now is the time?

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