SOP sessions

Symphony of Possibilities sessions

Do you know that what you can achieve with energy is unique? Do you know that the way you experience the world can be a huge gift? What if you yourself could determine what the possibilities are, what if you yourself can shape the change?

The SOP sessions enables you to take control of your energy and the change you desire and it can invite you to create your life in a completely different way. Every person has a unique gift to receive and gift energy. A SOP session opens the door for you to receive an energetic contribution specifically for you and your body, far beyond everything that you thought was possible up to now.

Ivana invites you to have a session in her practice or on a distance, via online connection.

Investment: € 95 for a 30-minute session
From October 1th 2023 € 110 for a 30-minute session

To make an appointment or for more information you can send a message to