On competition

Copy of bars & body covers (3).pngInspired by my brilliant French colleaque  Annabelle Perceval

On Competition:


How much are we convinced of our smallness?

How much are we unwilling to receive our greatness?

How much are we disbelieving we are unique?


So much so that we refuse to co-create with somebody,

so much so we even refuse to receive from them.


Fearing they might compete with us, invade our territory and in the end prove we or the other person is so much less than the other….

And how much do we continue on perpetrating this over and over again?

Never getting to be ourselves, not allowing ourselves to receive greatness of others either.

This leaves us paralyzed, copying creations of others, unable to come up with authentic stuff and afraid somebody will steal our clients, content, ideas that are not even ours at the first place.


What else is possible here?

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