Classy or messy?


Time to say it as it is:

One of the many reasons me and Kalpana can get along so well is: She sees me.
She not only sees me, she acknowledges me.
She not only acknowledges me with sweet words (God knows I know I’m real good), she honors my contribution from the very start. That’s how I can spend so much of my time creating for both of us and the reason why we thrive as a team.
Seeing each other, seeing our talents, abilities, contribution we are to the world and people joining the classes, calls, chosing for sessions AND honoring one another is what makes co-creation so much Ease, Joy and yes, Glory.

Yes, there were people in the past who used my creative abilities to their advantage without ever paying for my services, but hey, choice creates awareness…

Kalpana is very generous and I’m still learning from her dealing with messy people and messy situations in a classy way.

Wondering where else can we expand, what more can we create and how much more Ease, Joy and Glory is still possible for us and everybody joining.

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