Playing like a kid

13Have you ever looked at small children when they are playing?
Have you noticed that they do not think about where their play is going?

What if that would be possible for you again?!
What if all you need to get there is to dare to be a child again?

Small children are not at all interested in creating something beautiful, they are playing just to have fun and that’s how they come with a most beautiful and unique creations.

For me, creation and creativity is not something you have to learn something you can be good or bad at, something that is difficult and judge-able but rather something that comes to you with ease when your head is out of the way and something you cannot judge as good or bad.

If you won’t judge what you create – will you have more or less ease with the creation of your life?

Imagine creation could be something very satisfying!
What else is possible beyond good and bad, beyond beautiful and ugly?

Could that be where the real creation starts?
Would that be a place where you feel free and happy?


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