Universe has my back

bars & body covers-17 (2).pngI just realized in the last few years whenever there were people trying to use me, my talents, my abilities, my knowledge to their advantage without acknowledging me they ended up bruised without me having to do a thing.

And don’t get me wrong. What I love more than anything else is to empower others to come to know what they know and to shine bright themselves. That is the whole point of being who I am and doing what I do and one of the main reasons things I set up are working.

Every now and then though somebody comes by, sees how successful I happen to be and gets an idea to get a piece of that for him or herself…

Only I didn’t come this far by accident. And there are no pieces of awesomeness to pick here.

People can always choose to become great themselves, all it takes is a choice, really. Choice and the willingness to choose again and again and again for what is true for you.

This realization that that Universe truly has my back always, is pretty amazing.

Incredible how it provides me with fun play buddies, yummy spaces, angels willing to take care of all the practical stuff and money to create more and bigger.

I guess Universe has some plans here  🙂

Who am I to let down the Universe?

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