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5 (2).pngWhile cleaning up a drawer I found some of my old sketches and a painting, some of them 30 years old. And imagine my surprise in the drawer just above I came across the reports of the Czech Art School I attended between the age of 7 and 16.

The teachers were real artists – painters, sculptors and architects. Every year I could choose another specialty and so I had tasted and discovered many different techniques.
What I found particularly delightful is how free-witty the guidance was. Everything was possible, everything depended on your imagination.
I have wonderful memories from that time.

Such as when we went on an educational trip and my teacher came in with two socks of the same kind but very different color – one mustard yellow, another one dark green. I can still see it.
She didn’t hesitate for a single moment when we – children of about 11 years old asked her if that was the intention. Her response was: “It is OK, you know, those who know me know that it’s ok and those who do not know me have nothing to say about it “.

Generally teachers interfered very little with what we were doing. Of course they were there when someone had a question, but there was plenty of space. So we learnt quickly that it was our responsibility to come up with something of a result against the deadline of each task.

Different space opens up when you share a room with several creative people, energy is soft and malleable, possibilities open up.

I had experienced it already as a baby when I was playing in the atelier of my grandfather, later in the Art School and recently when I was visiting my friend who is a choreographer and her husband also, I sensed the same – it’s a space where creating something unexpected and new is possible where molecules are dancing, where nothing is fixed and everything is possible.

My body and my mind are quite happy in such settings.

Would you also love to engage in creation without judgment?
That is what I invite you to in my “Unlock your creative flow” evenings.

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