Selling JOY

Copy of bars & body covers.pngWhat I have experienced while working with others in the past was creation to many people equals hard work, figuring stuff out and trying to anticipate what can be sold.


It got me puzzled every time to witness where … Read more...

Family Ease

Copy of bars & body covers-3.pngJust booked a hotel for our next holidays in October.
Flights arranged.
Love how we are committed to having things work for us.

Who knew so much Ease was even possible?
So much has changed in the way we as … Read more...

When we try to be good

bars & body covers-2We all know these “angels of a human beings” trying to do only good, helping everybody, always available, never saying no.

I sure was one for a large part of my life longer than one would enjoy.
I remember how


Creating what you desire?

posts bars-2.pngAmazing to observe how the energy changed from the first time we started with the CREA evenings.
Getting closer to what we really desire and who we really are with each collage, with each drawing.
Where I first used to

Love your haters

Copy of bars & body covers-2.pngHow often people who can’t stand you
are actually aware of how great you are
and have decided they will never be as successful as you?

May they actually be willing to get closer,
get their armor out of the …

Allowance for insanity

bars & body covers-17“The greatest domination is allowance.” – Gary Douglas


When presented with a choice between gold and crap many people very often go for later.

It used to make me go crazy.

So little awareness in the choices so many … Read more...

Creative SPACE

5 (2).pngWhile cleaning up a drawer I found some of my old sketches and a painting, some of them 30 years old. And imagine my surprise in the drawer just above I came across the reports of the Czech Art School … Read more...

Speed of SPACE

bars & body covers-18Vandaag ben ik dankbaar voor de SNELHEID en het gemak waarmee ik in staat ben om te creëren.
Ik werd altijd veroordeeld op dat ik te snel was, het leek onmogelijk, onwerkelijk en op de een of andere manier verkeerd … Read more...