Ease & Joy with bodies

Copy of bars & body covers (2).pngWhat I saw again in my Bars class yesterday just confirms what I’ve seen so many times.
Now from my study I know a lot about food, eating and bodies.
I know that bodies might very likely require sugar or salt after a session, need water …
I also know how much is happening in the body during and after a Bars treatment.
And then in the Bars class you still have one more session to gift and one to receive… and your body knows that. Bodies are very aware.
My own experience is I bring my lunch to the Bars class every time and in 90% of the cases I take it back home after, because if I ask my body what it wants to eat .. it wants some grapes, a few chips or a piece of chocolate, nothing more.

And I get it, there is so much going on and shifting within your body and around you.

The longer I’m working with Access Consciousness, the better I get in touch with my physical body and I can better hear what it needs from me.
In the first two Bars classes that I organized as a host I catered lunch and already then I noticed what happened in the bodies of the participants …

There is so much your body is busy with in the class. What I’ve seen is that eating whole meal without asking your body anything just because it’s there or to act social might not be a best choice.
It may be that the afternoon session, is less Ease … That you’re less able to stay present.Your body is busy digesting food besides everything that is happening in the sessions.
A sandwich or something else light can be nice. You know your body and your body knows a lot.
If you ask in advance: “body, what do you feel like eating tomorrow?” You might get a clear answer about what sandwich spread or what kind of fruit you can have the best during a class.

In my classes I go for Ease & Joy for all of us and especially for our bodies! What Ease & Joy for bodies on this planet is truly possible?



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