When we try to be good

bars & body covers-2We all know these “angels of a human beings” trying to do only good, helping everybody, always available, never saying no.

I sure was one for a large part of my life longer than one would enjoy.
I remember how drainig it was to never have choice, to never be able to choose what would work for me, to always put everybody else first.

And how kind was it to me, really?
And how kind was it to others?

How inspiring or empowering?

This changed for me totally with the very first session of Access Bars I received.
I suddenly became aware of what I was doing! It was me choosing against me. And I could choose different!
That one session gave me so much clarity. It has changed my life forever.

No more being a good girl.
When it’s a NO it’s a NO.

What if saying no to others sometimes equals saying YES to you?
And what if that would be the kindest choice you have available in that moment?
How much can you support others if you don’t take care of yourself and your own body after all?

Access tools ROCK and keep empowering me to choose more and more of myself.
What showed up for me is when I’m happy and enthousiast about my own life I have so much ease and joy reaching out and inspiring others.

How does it get even greater?


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