Passion or pleasure? have to find your passion!
Do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

We all know that one, right?

Yesterday I had a chat with this sweet, beautiful, talented, smart and wonderful participant of one of my last Access Bars classes.
She was asking questions about starting to facilitate sessions and was obviously really looking forward to it and excited to start.

One of the questions she was asking was:
What would it take for me to be earning money with my passion?

Ho, ho, ho , ho, ho…

Not so fast!

We were talking a lot about pleasure in the class and how everything that makes your body happy will very likely create more money in your life.
What I didn’t mention and probably not many people know is that the meaning of the word passion (and the one universe often goes with) is suffering.
Are you sure that is what you want to be asking?

She typed back: “What ??!! hahaha OMG Suffering I know that one!”

Yes, I thought so!

What if we can ask for what brings us pleasure?
What if we simply can ask for what makes us and our body happy? And what if that is the biggest contribution to others as well?
what if that can generate lots and lots of money too?

When your body is happy is it likely to attract less or more clients? When your body vibrates with joy are you going to get less tired?
Are you going to get tired at all?

My beautiful friends, if pleasure doesn’t sell I’m not sure what will.

Have you asked your body lately:
“Body, what would bring you Joy?”

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