Passion or pleasure? have to find your passion!
Do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

We all know that one, right?

Yesterday I had a chat with this sweet, beautiful, talented, smart and wonderful participant of one of my


Classy or messy?


Time to say it as it is:

One of the many reasons me and Kalpana can get along so well is: She sees me.
She not only sees me, she acknowledges me.
She not only acknowledges me with sweet words … Read more...

My body knows stuff

Copy of bars & body covers-2 (2).png
One of the many conversations me and my body had recently…


My body: Let’s wear the new red RL dress for the Bars class.

Me: Nonononono. Ain’t happening.

My body: Come on…

Me: Way over the top!

My body: …

Ease & Joy with bodies

Copy of bars & body covers (2).pngWhat I saw again in my Bars class yesterday just confirms what I’ve seen so many times.
Now from my study I know a lot about food, eating and bodies.
I know that bodies might very likely require sugar or … Read more...

Selling JOY

Copy of bars & body covers.pngWhat I have experienced while working with others in the past was creation to many people equals hard work, figuring stuff out and trying to anticipate what can be sold.


It got me puzzled every time to witness where … Read more...