Your body – your friend?

21I remember like yesterday biking with my then boyfriend along the canals in Amsterdam from the work in the evening, sitting at the back of his bike and looking in all the cafés, seeing people socializing, having a drink, talking.… Read more...

Passion or pleasure? have to find your passion!
Do it with passion or don’t do it at all!

We all know that one, right?

Yesterday I had a chat with this sweet, beautiful, talented, smart and wonderful participant of one of my



copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-6Yesterday morning a friend of mine took me to the beach. One of many upsides of being an entrepreneur is you can organize your time anyway you please.

Following some interesting encounters, I’ve been through lately my body was asking … Read more...

Ask your body

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers.pngWent to IKEA yesterday to buy some stuff as usual with a whole list of things we could purchase.
While driving there I asked my body to let me know what would be a contribution to it and clearly let