copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-6Yesterday morning a friend of mine took me to the beach. One of many upsides of being an entrepreneur is you can organize your time anyway you please.

Following some interesting encounters, I’ve been through lately my body was asking for space.

From reasons unknown my friend picked a beach I’ve never been to and interestingly enough the place was even greater contribution to me than the spot I’d usually go to. Surrounded by nothing except of space it gave my body feeling of expansion the very moment I got out of the car.

Nature always contributes to my body and this experience was so new. Maybe for the first time since I live here my body really felt to such an extent being contributed to by the surroundings that nowhere resemble Czech hilly terrain.

Next hour or so we spent walking along the beach with our feet in the sea, talking about life and sipping coffee later.
I always enjoy talking to him. I don’t know many people who are such a great listener, so open to go anywhere with the topic without having urge to fix anything.
I remember just a brief phone contact with him used to give my body a feeling of relaxation.

Isn’t it interesting how some people and some places are such a contribution to your body?

What if at any given moment you could ask your body – Body, who or what would be a contribution to you, today? – and receive the awareness your body provides?

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