Your body – your friend?

21I remember like yesterday biking with my then boyfriend along the canals in Amsterdam from the work in the evening, sitting at the back of his bike and looking in all the cafés, seeing people socializing, having a drink, talking.

My body was ready to jump off and order a glass of wine almost every evening. My body happens to know what it likes, you see.

Only I knew better, I knew wine was way too extreme, I knew it wasn’t part of my life style and I did believe blindly all the lies I’ve been told about what would happen if I did have a glass.

How blond can one be?!!

So, yes, I still remember how it is to discount what your body knows, I know it all too well.

When I tell this story in my classes we laugh. And people often share similar stories with me. What I see half an hour into the class is bodies relaxing, melting and happy. They feel safe, they feel seen and acknowledged.

Sweet place.

What would it take for your body to be your very best friend?

It’s the one that is with you all the time after all…

I’ll cheers to that!




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