No doubt you have encountered something similar before.

One of the most painful things for a humanoid is when someone you care about or love turns their back on you.

Regret, feelings of guilt, thoughts about what actually happened, trying to go back to the place where everything was nice…

One of the ways to stop ourselves from receiving new possibilities and gifts is to remain fixated on the heaviness and disappointment of such situations.

Hanging on to someone who separates from you by judging you.

The only way others can separate themselves from us (whether they know us or not) is to project judgments on us.

I remember these situations even from before I hit puberty…

How many times since then has something like this shown up in our life?

Friends, colleagues, family members, lovers…

How much easier and more joyful would our life be if we knew how to deal with these situations, which are often considered extreme or intense?

What is behind the fact that they are so difficult for us?

It is difficult for a humanoids to stop contributing to those we care for, even though they judge us or turn their back on us.

It is actually impossible!

The level of care we have and ARE is completely different from what is common in this reality.

The next two question may seem “off” to you, but try to consider it, see what it does for you…

What if we don’t have to separate ourselves from those who try to exclude us from their lives?
What if we don’t have to match their judgments and barriers with our own?

What other option do we have?

In my life, I have many joyful examples of those who, after a shorter or longer period of reaction and resistance to a certain matter, they did not know how to deal with at the time, returned and are again willing to receive me and be a contribution.

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible if I decided that I didn’t want to know anything about them anymore, that I wasn’t interested in having them be part of my life.

One of the great ways to dissolve judgments and fixed points of view, which often hang in the air, is to look at where we are grateful for the person with whom we are currently experiencing difficulty.

You will often discover a lot of beautiful situations, experiences and moments that you may have pushed away due to what is happening right now.

And I am definitely not saying that you need to keep everyone and everything in your life.

Certainly there are people that you can easily do without…

Wallowing in regret, guilt or disappointment that someone you loved and considered a friend left your life doesn’t have to be your path though…

Try asking “What else is possible?”
Try gratitude.

The universe knows no lack.
Ask the universe to show you more of what you desire.

Maybe not from that one particular person who is denying it to you right now, but in general.

You may be surprised at how many people you will discover who will gladly and willingly receive you and be grateful for you.

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