Like a horse

“You are laughing like a horse.”
“Stop crying right now or I’ll give you a reason to cry.”

I was not supposed to laugh and I sure shouldn’t cry.

It’s strange that it didn’t start to dawn on me until much later that it wasn’t normal care or education… more a programming or a dressage.

The problem is, it didn’t work.

As soon as I moved out of the house while studying at university, I quickly began to realize that the circus that was going on in my head was not due to my own incompetence, but mainly due to the situation at home, and I began to look for ways to find again the space and peace that I as a little girl had.

And that wasn’t exactly an easy or quick journey…

Actually, it was only thanks to Access Consciousness that I managed to find out many years later that under the layers of foreign, meaningless points of view, especially about myself, there is still that little girl, always in motion and full of ideas, who most of all loves to create.

That over the years she has only gained strength and, above all, experience, and that she enjoys playing with others and showing them that they too have different possibilities and choices…

This is how photographer Jakub Podobský captured me in his studio last fall, and when I was looking at the photos he sent me, I remembered this old snapshot taken by my dad in his parents’ garden in Opava.

Still like a horse and if it’s up to me, it won’t change anytime soon…

How does it get even better then this?

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