Victims are violent people

“Victims are violent people.”
Byron Katie

Dealing with victims can be rather challenging, unless you function from awareness.
Then it can be pretty funny.

Have you ever had somebody in your life who no matter what you offer them always chooses to keep their limitation and tries to make others see how poor and pathetic they are and what reasons they have for being and staying that way?

Obviously I‘m not talking about somebody who has created a situation they are trying to get out of, looking for solutions and actively taking steps to resolve it.

What I mean are the people we all know, who fabricate a problem out of thin air. Who use whatever happens (read whatever they create) in their life as a proof of impossibility and need for attention.

Quite some people have their life based on this pattern and are using it to the utmost.

As the Foundation manual says: „Most people who say they are a victim are using that as a way of controlling you.“

Specially when working as an Access facilitator you want to know, who you are dealing with.

No matter what people have gone through, those who are unwilling to be defined and diminished by their own experience always look for and find a way out and can be and often are a great source of encouragement and inspiration to others.

All it takes is a choice.

What if you can get totally clear on who you are dealing with and what is the person in front of you really trying to achieve instead of what they say they want and need from you?

It is not our task to fix everybody, rather our role as an Access facilitator is to show others that they know and they have a choice. What they choose is up to them.
As Shannon O‘Hara puts is brilliantly: „Allow people who don‘t desire change to suffer.“

Would you be willing to have that clarity, so you can create your own life and actually contribute to those who desire something greater?

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