Beings will do anything to be near us

One of my colleagues – a very aware lady – met a friend of mine at a training she organized last year, and as he reminded her of someone who worked with me a while ago, she wrote to me:

“Interesting… beings move and will do anything to be near us.”

Which was a completely accurate expression of what I was aware of at the time and very much surprised by.

I also couldn’t help but notice it in his gestures and some of his facial expressions.

The familiar entity was coming and going, just like when I had known him a few years ago under a different name, in a very different body, and it certainly didn’t seem like he had any plans to stay this time.

It was clear to me from the very beginning when I met him that there were several different beings, some more overt than others.


How can you communicate or create a relationship with someone who is not one person?
Who changes the inhabitants one minute from another?
Who has space and is clear and one moment and confused and scattered the next?


It is not easy. You must be willing to change and adjust constantly in order to stay true to yourself, to not to get caught up by an energy that is not contributing.

It makes no sense from the point of view of this reality and when you try to look for it, you get lost and disappear in thoughts and reactions.

It is very interesting from the point of view of consciousness, though.

The only way that works is to stay present with what is and be in the question.

It was a bit of a challenge for me at times, especially when some of the beings were so clearly working against each other, but also an exciting process.

The opportunity to learn a lot about myself, my skills, priorities and choices.

I was able to enjoy the moments when the communicating being was the one that had space, insight and humor, but knowing that it probably wouldn’t last long and it would be gone again to make room for someone else.

Having a friend who is “weird” is relatively easy. Of course, the situation is much more difficult if it is your own child, partner or a sibling.

In cases like this, there’s not much you can rely on. Except perhaps the fact that no continuity is possible in this scenario. You simply cannot rely on anything the person says or promises to do.

An interesting experience to meet the same being in a very different body within the span of only a few years. At first I didn’t want to believe it, and if my colleague hadn’t assured me that she saw the same thing, I might have discarded it as impossible after a while.

That is the reality beyond this reality.

A world of consciousness where other possibilities exist for those willing to see and perceive them.

How does it get any better?







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