Comfort or Ease

Yesterday I was looking at how progress hardly ever comes in the straight line… it’s often 20 steps ahead, 4 back, 3 ahead, 1 back, 7 ahead, 2 back, 12 ahead… the point is, it might not always be comfortable, we still are moving forward.

It’s OK to not to feel all that great while changing some stuff. To let go of some things and patterns brings discomfort. I know all about it and I know we all do.

The discomfort is just the energy of all the things that may attempt to look bigger than us… but they are not even us.
And they certainly are not bigger.

The question for everybody to ask I guess is:
Am I looking for comfort or am I looking for ease?

While comfort is an illusion (cause everything always keeps on changing and evolving) so constant comfort that stems from outside conditions is impossible to achieve. Also it seems to be based in judgement. (Is this, he, she making me comfortable enough?)

Ease on the other hand comes from our way of dealing with whatever comes while keeping our own space and peace to deal with it.

It is an inner quality that is
a) possible to cultivate and
b) brings relieve to any kind of situation that used to bring discomfort in the past.

I am reading a book these days where the writer compares different mental states with the weather and she says the difference between people and trees is: Trees do not think they are snow or wind or rain, while we often tend to mistake our awareness for who we are.

What if it’s not a problem?
What if that too keeps changing?

What if we can learn from trees and from each other?
What if we can cultivate Ease beyond our wildest dreams?






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