Light of consciousness

At this time of the year when dawn comes so late in the morning and it gets dark so early, many of us realize how important light is to our lives and how much our bodies appreciate the light and warmth of the sun’s rays. How much we miss it in the winter and how much we long for it.

For me with the light of consciousness it is the same. And I guess a lot of humanoids share this as well.

I remember how many things and contexts I was aware of as a child during my adolescence and years before I discovered Access Consciousness, and how difficult it was for me to navigate this reality without being connected to others who had similar awareness. How amazing how much information, insights, possibilities and processes we can share with Access Consciousness, and how many of us are inspired by the light of consciousness that thanks to Access tools gets even clearer and more powerful.

For me personally, this communion of beings who have inner light within themselves and are not afraid to show it , is as vital as the sun’s rays.

My great gratitude for all of you. What source of consciousness are we all together, and what can we create with this radiant energy?

Author: Ivana Faber, CF

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