My body has a very fine-tuned bullshitmeter.

A bullshitmeter is a device that starts off when you hear any kind of bullshit. Well, mine is very sensitive.

Maybe you have heard in the Foundation class, if you have taken one, that our bodies react with anger when somebody is trying to lie to us or sell us any kind of story that simply isn’t true.

The advantage of the insight into how our bodies work and what they let us know is that I no longer judge myself when my bulshitmeter goes off.

It’s not really kind to our body when we judge these reactions, which in fact are just an information about what is happening and also the potency necessary for a change. Being judged is what we have been shown so often:  “You can’t be angry, that is not right …  Start to behave.”

However, when we learn to recognize what the body communicates with us, we get a partner for life that is always there for us, we can always trust him or her and we will not no longer have to doubt what we know when we know it.

What would it be like?

Nowadays I thank my body every time she let’s me know and our communication got greater and greater since I started to appreciate the signs my body is showing me.

How would it be like to have a friend like that?
How sensitive is your bullshitmeter?

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