What gift are you?

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-coversAs a daughter of an architect and a civil engineer myself I often look at houses, streets, design of cities..
Today morning the skyline of one of the new streets of Amsterdam caught my eye as me and my colleague were aproaching the venue of the class with Uber.

For this particular street clearly one of the conditions architects had to follow was the height of the buildings – all of them in that particular street were exactly the same height.
I noticed immediatelly it created an idea of order, an idea of rest even. It was a little bit like seeing one of the communist parades from when I was small, soldiars marching, all the same. Even though they clearly were all different – the driver informed me they are beautiful inside, some of them with swimming pools, luxurious and spacious – there was something that didn’t allow the buildings to be seen, they were kind of hiding in the neat, orderly row.

It made me aware of what happens when we are not allowing our own unique gifts to be seen.
When we are trying to be like everybody else to not to stand out, to not to shine too bright.

Do you prefer to be one in a row, just another soldiar in the parade march?
Or are you allowing your own gifts and talents to be seen even though you might be the one who is too tall, who is too bright, the one in the spotlight?

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