Body wisdom

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers-1.pngOn Thursday evening I facilitate the third “But what can I eat?” clearing evening.
It’s an evening of facilitation on awareness we could be receiving from our bodies on what they require and desire from us if we only didn’t believe all the theories, rules and habits we bought from our parents, nutritionists, magazines, experts and who else?
In the clearing evening we have a look at everything you came to believe about any particular issue and how well it works for you now. We look at the energy of what you bought as truth and change it where it’s stuck and doesn’t allow you to choose what would work for you (and your body).
When you apply Access Consciousness tools to food and eating bodies cannot help but relax.
Finally, they may be seen, finally they are listened to, finally they get a voice.
That is what I loved most about the first 2 evenings, to see how bodies melt and how happy they are with the attention, the acknowledgement and the gratefulness expressed.
Access Consciousness changed completely the way I am in my body, the way I see my body and the way I’m able to listen to my body and I’m beyond happy to be sharing these tools in my classes.
Looking forward to this evening on food that you too can join live in Alkmaar or online (this time still in Dutch and what else is possible?).

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