Change of environment

Recently I was telling a friend how many, many years ago I first created a vacation abroad. It’s not that we didn’t fly abroad before, but many years ago, the abroad was the Czech Republic and I was returning home to Holland completely exhausted by the judgments of my mother, who knows everything far better, and the responsibilities that were coming at me from everywhere.

I was in a press.

And then I got to know Access and started choosing, started receiving and practicing Bars, and so after a while I found myself in Stockholm at the training of Dr. Dain, on my first course abroad. The training, for which I had saved money in advance, however, at the moment I chose it, the universe, grateful for this choice, delivered even much more, in completely mysterious ways, and that was how the first “real” vacation abroad happened.

Quite by accident we managed to book a beautiful private villa in Portugal with a pool that was shared but not used at the time we were there.

We were all startled – by new views, completely new energy, the nature there so different from what we were used to, the climate, and I personally also by the space in which no one held me back or was trying to direct me.

The boys would play in the pool with an amazing mountain view for hours and I discovered a covered outdoor kitchen from where I could see them and that’s where it all started!

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, texts – blogs – short stories started coming to me.

One after the other, they were jumping through the keyboard and onto the screen, and every morning I woke up with the next one.
I was most surprised.
And the response was also wonderful.

I shared the first ones daily on my Facebook in English and enjoyed the energy it generated.

Haven’t we break out of the stereotype and travel away, this ability of mine to capture what desires to be captured, would have remained latent for much longer and maybe forever.

How often it is precisely that change – of environment, surroundings, climate, outlook, habits – that starts a new stage in our lives and creates new, often unexpected possibilities.

What will it be like to choose differently, choose new, and to move towards what desires to contribute to us?



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