Your body, your friend

There is one thing I realize more and more, the longer I do Access Consciousness and the longer I facilitate and that is how grateful I am for my body.

My body has proven to be a huge contribution in the creation of my life and my classes.

No matter what happens, it keeps me informed about what I should know and gives me information from near and far with precision and ease of her own.

Where would I be without my body?

Certainly I would not live in the Netherlands today and have not found Access Consciousness.

In any job even long before I met Access, my body showed me when it was time to pack and move on, and it was my body that led me to the Netherlands.

My body has a special gift to show me what works and what needs to be changed. It hardly ever becomes ill, almost never hurts and doesn’t demand of me, but when something or someone is or is not beneficial, it shows it with vehemence that cannot be ignored. It communicates very clearly to say the least.

In situations where I choose against myself it will show me without letting me down.

How does it look like? My body reminds me of things until I start to listen and change something. It reminds me of that training, that person, that topic, that situation, until I find a way to create more.

I can’t imagine a better partner for life…

One of my colleagues, another certified facilitator, noticed this years ago during our co-facilitation and said, “Your body will never lets you down, right?” And yes, she was correct.

During the facilitation, I am grateful for all the information my body provides me with about the bodies and beings that have chosen a class or a session. Not less practical is my communication with my body in the creation of my life. Where should I be? What creates the most? Where to go? Who will be a contribuition here? Is this mine? Is this true? Body, what do we know about this?

And every time it’s my body that knows exactly what and how. Where I listen to her, my life and world are expanding in a much more dynamic way than trying to listen to logic and mind in my creation.

What would it be like to have completely clear and easy communication with your body?
What would it be like to receive the gift your body is with open arms?

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