Family Ease

copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-5After more than two years we travel back to Czech Rep in the autumn holidays.
We used to go every year in the summer.

Anyone who lives abroad I have ever talked to about holidays in the country of his/her origin agreed with me that it was a baaaad idea 🙂

Previously I needed a vacation after the holidays!
So last 2 summers we went to the lovely Algarve.

And in the fall we do Czech Rep again after quite a pause.

Wat would it take for the trip to be Ease and Fun? is a question that we asked.
To start with we booked the best hotel in town and the kids will stay with their grandma.

I’m looking forward to see Zlin from different perspective this time!

Before we go I still facilitate 6 Access classes, host a call and organize a swap in two weeks time.


I just really, really, really love what I happen to be doing 🙂

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