Ease with relating?

copy-of-copy-of-bars-body-covers-8I often talk about Daniel and my experience with having him as my husband and our relationship in my classes.

When I met Daniel he wasn’t even 20.
He was just a boy.
Soon after that he got accepted to college.

I didn’t even think relationship was a possibility – I was Czech, I was 7 years older and I WAS in a relationship.
He couldn’t care less.
He saw me and he liked what he saw.

Pretty soon we moved in together. It was interesting and we both were learning a lot.
In less than 5 years Sammie came.
Daniel was still a boy in my eyes.

We’ve been through a lot, at times more than one would like to go through.
Looking back we managed just fine.

Daniel is a man now, caring dad of my kids, somebody I can really rely on.

And still he sees me, he is proud of me and of what I’m doing and he tells me so.

We allow each other level of freedom not everybody is willing to have.
People try to suffocate each other – not us.
That itself and the fact that we both are willing to ask for what we desire makes the time we spend with each other pleasurable.

Both of us ask and we are willing to receive the awareness…

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