Not used to kindness


I just realized some people are not used to kindness!

They won’t have a problem with receiving from mean people, but show them you care by being kind and what you’ll encounter might surprise you by its character and intensity.

I offered to gift something to somebody and the person came at me minutes later accusing me of trying to take advantage of him basically.

Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Still kind of do not get where it came from, except I know all too well.

I can see so clearly now, people who are not used to kindness will not recognize it in others and often times are even ready to fight it to prove it doesn’t exist.

And I sense deep down under that he knows, it’s buried under there somewhere. It’s always just one choice away actually.

I choose kindness in my life. My body thrives on it and it’s just way easier to navigate this reality from there. What others choose is none of my business. It’s good to be aware of that though and not have to make myself wrong for their choices.

Again so grateful for Access for not having to go into story and just stay in my awareness of what’s in front of me.

How much easier can this life still get?

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