Investment in consciousness

During one of the programs I recently facilitated online, this question came up:

“How can I be grateful for people who have hurt me in my life?”
And the participant herself added:
“Is it by acknowledging my own power and pushing the boundaries of my gratitude for myself…?”

On the same program, we also discussed the debt that someone else caused us, and this question falls into a similar category.

As the creator of our life, we have created a lot of “interesting” situations and no less interesting people, thanks to which we could find out a lot about ourselves.
About how and what we create, about our bodies, our talents, our abilities and real possibilities, our strength and ingenuity…

When I used to look back on the way I was raised, I felt sorry, small and misunderstood.
When I look back now, I see what an amazing life lesson I went through, I see that I came out of it strong and able to facilitate others who are going through similar situations and do not yet see that they can lean on themselves.

I can see that I myself quite clearly chose it as the best preparation for what I wanted to be able to do, and I also see that I chose it to stand by those who were not as strong themselves back than.

Investing in consciousness can look like an Access Consciousness training, and sometimes it looks like a life situation that opens your eyes and shows you that you know, what you know and that you are far greater than you have ever allowed yourself to think.

For which situations from your childhood, adolescence and adulthood are you or can you be grateful, even though they may not have seemed easy at the time?

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