Space of acknowledgement – acknowledging the space

He said: :”You changed lives this weekend.”
And at first I just discarded it: “No, they themselves chose to have change. I was just there.”

Then later, taking shower the words came back to me: “You changed lives this weekend.”
And this time I could let it sink in and actually receive it.

I have created space.

Space to exchange, learn, trust, receive, ask, choose, get curious, play, regenerate.

“I felt space at the places in my body I never knew space was possible.”
“One day I saw you and I knew I had to meet you.”
“I feel like totally reborn.”

Just a few reactions after this class…

I enjoyed the way to becoming a 3 day body facilitator very much.
Inviting bodies, watching them play, perceiving them to melt and receive.

All the different energies – dynamic, strong, powerful yet gentle and so easy and sometimes intense to be in the presence off.

Space where bodies can be, receive, communicate and share with us what they know, what suddenly is easy to hear and receive.


3 days… different every time, every time strong, and every time so much gratitude for all the bodies and beings choosing to come and let go of their limitations in the space of presence and by touch.


How does it get even better then this?




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