Ask and you shall receive

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I remember hearing about some of the basic Access Consciousness tools for the first time felt like home-coming.

One tool in particular I recognized instantly can create a different reality in the split of a second.


What am I talking about?




With just a bit of luck you learn about this tool in the Bars class.


What else is possible?

How does it get better?

What’s right about this?

What’s right about me?


We ask questions to allow awareness of different possibilities to show up.

And by doing so we allow universe to start to contribute to us.


Have you ever noticed once you come to a conclusion about a particular issue nothing else than that can show up?


I found out when I ask questions things I ask for seem to appear out of nowhere.

And the more I do, the more MAGIC shows up.


For those of you who can use some assistance with asking questions I’m facilitating an INTRO class “Ask and you shall receive” soon.

Would you be willing to let universe contribute to you in the ways that go way beyond what you imagine possible?





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