Where to go, what to choose?

Copy of Copy of bars & body covers (2).pngA frequently asked question: “The offer of Access classes is so diverse and everything seems so great, special and new, what should I choose?”
When I choose for a call, a class or a session, I always follow the energy – I get the awareness of the energy of the facilitator and the energy of the event.
I check if it’s “light” and expansive. Where would my body like to go, with whom does it feel most at ease.

For my own classes participants come from all over the Netherlands and I also had participants from Poland, Germany, Belgium and I even from Portugal and Scotland, people who reach out for advise on creation come from all over the globe. Some people I’ve known for a long time and very many I’ve never met.
How did they know they had to be with me?
By following the energy. Sometimes people call first just to hear my voice, to know that their perception is accurate. A five-minute interview can provide much clarity.
Does your body feel heard, can it relax, do you feel understood, heard and respected in the conversation?

One of my friends uses a different method to choose classes – she often chooses a class or a call that evokes the most resistance in her, that is how she knows that there is still plenty that can be transformed. The fact that you experience resistance towards a class does not mean that the class will not work for you. Resistance may indicate that something you were struggling with for years will shift finally. It may have to do with different things and if you experience resistance before the class you’d like to choose it may be useful to contact your facilitator to look at it. Often this kind of issues can be dealt with in the class and be a huge contribution to the whole group.
Wishing you lots of fun with the Access Consciousness tools, processes, calls and classes!


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